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Megan Hunt

BSc Sport Therapy, PgDip Veterinary Physiotherapy

Me running my dog Thyme for Team GB
Me with my 3 dogs


Hello! My name is Megan and I'm the owner and therapist of Pace Therapy. 

I have a love and passion for animals and am so excited and proud to be able to offer my services to all those that need it. 

I have previously studied as a Sports Therapist at BSc level at The University of Essex. Throughout working, I have discovered that sports massage and soft tissue work are where my interests are focused when treating people, so have made the decision to only offer sports massage within my services to ensure I provide top quality treatments. I then studied at Writtle University for an MSc in Veterinary Physiotherapy. I have attained a PGdip, with one year left to complete a research project to gain MSc status.

I have had a passion for animals since a young girl and have always known that a career working with them would be best for me. When completing my A-Levels I took it upon myself to gain work experience in a few different areas of work including; a veterinary practise, private physiotherapist and a rotation in physiotherapy areas in an NHS hospital. I came to the conclusion that human physiotherapy was not for me, but sports therapy had a stronger focus on the areas I was interested in, which would also allow me to continue my studies into veterinary physiotherapy afterwards and combine the two professions to help horse and rider, and dog and handler.

I have had dogs all my life and was born into the world of dog agility, first competing at the age of 4! Growing up within this sport has given me a great understanding of what is asked and expected from a dogs anatomy and has allowed me to gain knowledge of body conditioning to increase performance and prevent injury with my own dogs. I received my first agility dog of my own at the age of 12, Dude a little rescue dog, who taught me so much, mainly patience! But unfortunately had to retire after 3 seasons due to a spinal injury. I got my second dog, Thyme, at 16 and trained her on my own for the first time. She has taken me from beginner level to top competing level all the way to Team GB and winning the Senior Olympia Agility Stakes in 2019, and is my reason for finding a passion in veterinary physiotherapy. I have now got a youngster, Wicked, who I hope can follow in Thyme's footsteps.

I started riding horses when I was 6 and have always tried to find the time to ride and work at a horse yard when I can. My love for horses and riding has always been present but was hard to balance when I started to become more successful in my agility career. Since moving to Lincolnshire from Kent, my passion and time for horses has returned and I hope to continue riding and working with them.

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