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What Is Veterinary Physiotherapy?

Veterinary Physiotherapy is a science-based form of therapy which takes a holistic approach to reduce discomfort and improve function.


  • Static Assessment - this involves analysing how the animal naturally stands and holds itself and is used to identify any asymmetries

  • Dynamic Assessment - this involves analysing the animal in walk & trot, perform circles and backing up (equine) to identify any gait abnormalities and asymmetries 

  • Palpation - a thorough palpation of the entire animal can be used to identify any areas of heat, inflammation, cuts & wounds, muscular or fascial tension, pain, muscle asymmetries etc.

  • Range of Motion - this involves testing every joint through its full range of motion to identify any resistance, asymmetry or signs of discomfort

  • Neurological Assessment - specialised tests may be performed on the animal if deemed necessary


After a thorough assessment has been performed, a treatment plan will be devised for the session which may include multiple treatment forms.

  • Electrotherapy - Class 3B Laser, Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF), Heat, Ice

  • Manual Therapy - massage, stretching, passive range of motion

  • Remedial Exercise - specific exercises prescribed to be completed at home after the session

Pace Therapy aims to provide scientifically supported therapy to canine and equine patients to aid rehabilitation, prevent injury and improve sporting performance at affordable prices for owners.

Behind The Business

My name is Megan Hunt

I have a BSc in Sports Therapy and a PgDip in Veterinary Physiotherapy, currently working towards my MSc Title. I compete in dog agility, having 3 dogs of my own, Dude, Thyme & Wicked, and enjoy horse riding in my spare time.

Me with my puppy Wicked
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